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Use Cases of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) need CRM and ERP solutions just like any other large business. Today, many businesses across the world prefer to use Dynamics 365 Business Central for managing their business for its advantages. For starters, it is one of the few platforms that combines both CRM and ERP functionalities, unifying operations in an effortless way. The user interface is also intuitive, avoiding the need to invest in training or hiring additional members to your team.

But how does Dynamics 365 Business Central work for your business? Let us find out through examples.

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4 Common Use Cases of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Here are some of the common use cases of Dynamics 365 that demonstrate how effective it is for small and medium sized businesses.

Ensure More Prudent Financial Management

The Problem: Managing the finances for an SMB can be immensely challenging, to say the least. Businesses often face difficulties in managing financial data, tracking expenses, and maintaining compliance.

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Helps?

Dynamics 365 Business Central streamlines financial processes, with its collection of useful features like general ledger, accounts payable, budget management, bank reconciliations and others.

How Does Our Solutions Work?

You and your team members can record transactions like sales, purchases, and other payments in the general ledger, either manually or automatically. You can also use purchase journals to record vendor invoices and apply payments to the outstanding one. By using the bank reconciliation feature to match transactions in the general ledger with transactions on the bank statement. Dynamics 365 Business Central also comes with an audit trail feature to track changes to financial data and maintain data integrity.

Create More Opportunities with Smarter Sales and Customer Management

The Problem: SMBs often tend to miss opportunities to convertmore customers due to inefficient sales processes and challenges in managing customer relationships.

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Helps?

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides you with a comprehensive set of tools that helps you to manage entire sales processes, from lead to payment, and helps to improve customer relationships so that you can build a loyal customer base.

How Does it Work?

Your sales team can directly feed information and updates and leads into the Dynamics 365 platform. This will allow your managers to track leads, opportunities, and customer interactions, allowing for better sales forecasting and managing the sales pipeline. You can also generate insights and create custom quotes, as well as sales orders for individual clients.

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Manage Inventory More Intelligently

The Problem: SMBs in manufacturing, retail, and similar industriesmust deal with inefficient inventory tracking, often leading to stockouts and overstocking.

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Helps?

With Business Central, you can get real-time visibility into inventory levels, helping to optimize stock levels and streamline operations

How Does it Work?

The system can collect data from various data points. This effectively allows you to track inventory across multiple locations. You will also be able to set up reorder points and automate replenishment processes. The system can also integrate seamlessly with sales and purchase processes to make sure that the inventory levels are updated in real time, avoiding the risk of overstocking or stockouts.

Ensuring On-time Project Delivery

The Problem: Managing project costs, resources and ensuring that projects are completed on time are often a challenge for SMB.

How Dynamics 365 Business Central Helps?

The platform comes with advanced project management features which helps your business to track project financials, resources, and timelines

How Does It Work?

Your team members can create and manage projects directly on the platform. They can also assign resources and track project costs and revenues. To help you with accurate billing, it comes with features like time and expense tracking.

Implement Dynamics 365 Business Centralfor Your Business

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a flexible platform that can be easily customized to meet your specific requirements. Having an experienced consultant like Vastasys helps you to maximize the benefits of Dynamics 365 Business, thanks to their in-depth expertise and innovative solutions.

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