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Streamline with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management powered by Copilot.

Optimize inventory management, automate workflows, enhance visibility, and secure procurement and fulfilment with Dynamics 365 and experience a cohesive business management.

Transform your business with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Integrate digital intelligence into every order, warehousing, transportation, procurement, and fulfilment processes and optimize every aspect of your supply chain operations. It empowers you to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation across your organization.

Features of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Asset Management

Maximize asset performance throughout the lifecycle by optimizingmaintenance and repair operations of physical plants and equipment and generate intelligence from IoT sensors to perform proactive maintenance, efficiently manage spare parts, and automate work order.

Inventory Management

Get real-time visibility into the inventory levels across multiple locations through intelligent forecasting and reduce overstocking and stockouts.

Procurement and Sourcing

Improve communication across the supply chain to enhance order accuracy and maximize vendor performance while optimizing the cost and quality of material and service spend.

Sensor Data Intelligence

Create a smarter factory using connected sensors to automate data collection, then harness IoT’s power to produce actionable insights that help you continually improve.

Advanced Analytics and Insights

AI powered predictions and real time insights empowers your quickly identify trends, anticipate customer needs, and respond proactively to market changes.

Automated Workflows

Automate routine tasks such as order processing and payment reconciliation and optimize your workforce by letting them focus on strategic activities.

Customizable and Scalable

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is highly customizable allowing you to grow and scale without disrupting the efficiency of the business.

Unlock the full potential of your supply chain with Copilot
Copilot leverages natural language processing-based AI capabilitiesto provide actionable insights and recommendations that enable you to optimize your supply chain processes and drive greater efficiency and agility. Be it demand forecasting or inventory optimization, predictive maintenance or supplier risk management, CoPilot lets you stay ahead of the competition and deliver superior value to your customers.

  • Boost Productivity

  • Enhance endpoint security

  • Improve warehouse efficiency

  • Improve user experience

  • Seamlessly Integrate

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