Client Name:

Aera Energy LLC

  • Marketing

Microsoft D365 Customer Insights Journey for Real Time Marketing

Aera Energy LLC is a natural gas, oil exploration and production company with a vision to lead the industry by responsibly delivering energy and unsurpassed value, creating success with the customers.

The Challenge

Understanding the customers’ preferences, behaviour, and adapting strategies to meet their evolving needs is a continuous challenge. It is required to adopt new technologies to stay competitive and enhance their strategies. The client wanted to balance global campaigns with the need for local relevance, understanding cultural nuances, and preferences in different markets. Real time interaction with the customers is the main challenge as the organizations need to be up to date with the changing preferences of the customers and track their ongoing interactions.

The Solution

We suggested the client to go with the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights which is a powerful customer data platform (CDP) that helps businesses unify their customer data from various sources to generate insights and drive personalized experiences. This has supported for the data integration capabilities which integrates data from multiple sources—like CRM systems, ERP systems, marketing automation tools, and third-party sources—into a unified customer profile.

The solution has provided the 360-Degree Customer View as it creates a comprehensive and unified view of each customer by consolidating data from various touchpoints. This includes transaction history, interactions, preferences, and behaviours.

It has supported for the segmentation of customers based on behaviour, demographics, or other attributes. It helps in identifying high-value segments and understanding their preferences. This has also enabled the predictive modelling to forecast customer behaviour, such as likelihood to churn or make a purchase. This helps in targeting the right audience with personalized offers or interventions.

It has provided real-time data processing capabilities, ensuring that insights and analytics are based on the most current customer data available. The customer is now able to build customizable Dashboards and Reports including the Integration with Other Dynamics 365 Apps like Sales, Customer Service to enhance cross-functional capabilities.