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Implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales to accelerate sales performance

Implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales to accelerate sales performance

Builders Choice Inc. aimed to boost its sales performance and gain actionable insights into its business data. They wanted to enhance sales processes, improve decision-making, and get a comprehensive view of key performance indicators (KPIs). Their major benefit was to track the orders placed by the customers into the Dynamics 365 system.

The Challenge

The company faced challenges in efficiently managing its sales pipeline and lacked real-time visibility into critical sales metrics. The manual processes for tracking leads, opportunities, and customer interactions resulted in delays and hindered the company’s ability to respond promptly to market dynamics. There was lots of historic data which was being maintained in excels and some legacy systems. While the client wanted to upgrade the system, they didn’t wish to include all the legacy data into the new system. However, they wanted to have analysis in order to understand the trend over the years.

The Solution

We implemented Dynamics 365 Sales to address these challenges, streamlining their sales processes. Dynamics 365 Sales enabled the automation of lead management, opportunity tracking, and customer engagement, ensuring a more efficient and organized sales pipeline.

Power BI Dashboards were seamlessly integrated to provide visualizations of crucial sales data. Only Master data was pulled in the new system. While the old data was still residing in the legacy systems and excel, Power BI was capable enough to take data from multiple sources and show the interactive reports for a better analysis. The Power BI Dashboards offered real-time insights into sales performance, allowing the company to track KPIs such as conversion rates, win/loss ratios, and sales trends. 

The Impact

After implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, our client saw a remarkable improvement in their outreach processes. As a result of this implementation, the tech company experienced improved sales efficiency, reduced response times, and increased visibility into its sales operations. The combination of Dynamics 365 Sales and Power BI Dashboards not only enhanced the sales team’s productivity but also provided leadership with the tools needed for strategic decision-making, contributing to overall business growth and success.