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10 Things You Can Do with Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a business solution for those businesses that have already surpassed their entry-level business applications. Primarily designed for SMBs (small and mid-sized businesses), it is a cloud-based ERP and CRM solution, and the good news is, Microsoft is evolving it every day. 

Most growing SMBs as well as large-scale companies are struggling to keep pace with accounting, ERP system management, inventory management, logistics, scalability, and integration obstructions with other lines of business. 

Using Business Central could alleviate many pain points for these businesses.  

To start with, what does it entail for an organization? 

A common database in the cloud supporting multiple business domains, with integrated and modular functionalities, real-time data availability, and job roles, as well as suitable authorization channels, is what it offers a business enterprise.  

Is that all?  

Certainly not, there is more than all of this. 

To know more about its capabilities, here is a compiled quick list with a breakdown of prime Business Central’s functions. 

10 Best Things to Do with Business Central 

Before we begin the discussion, it is imperative to understand which countries are helping their SMBs progress better by increasing Dynamics Business Central accessibility. 

10 Best Things to Do with Business Central - Vastasys

In the table below, you can look at the breakdown of industrial sectors that have found ways of utilizing Business Central. 

What can you do with Dynamics 365 Business Central - Vastasys

The market is slowly opening to the benefits of Business Central, and all you will need to do is harness its powers to grow your business. 

  • Financial Management 

Every business we do needs money, for which we need to sell our products and earn that money. Ill-management of finances can be extremely deleterious for your business. But often, the entry-level finance management tool is not enough to support a growing business. 

What can you do? 

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

What primary functions in your finances can you manage with Business Central?

Financial Management with Dynamics 365 BC - Vastasys

  • Supply Chain and Inventory Management 

Maintaining a flawless supply chain ensures meeting the end goal far more successfully – customer satisfaction. 

Streamlining the inventory ensures your business remains within your grasp – freedom from dependance on middlemen. 

How can you manage the supply chain and inventory? 

By appropriately integrating and using MS Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Which aspects of inventory and supply chain management will get better?

Supply chain and inventory management. 10 things you can do with Dynamics 365 Business Central - Vastasys

  • Project Management 

Managing a project successfully could help you get done with half of your tasks. What they can do better is what bugs most organizations striving to make a name for themselves. There are several aspects within a project that need clever maneuvering and strong strategization. 

What can help you with your projects better? 

Use Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage different aspects of a project better. 

What are the aspects of project management that Business Central helps you with?

  • Business Operation Transformation 

Managing business operations can be not just tedious but also repetitive. Doing a task repeatedly is what makes business operations complex, time consuming, and troublesome. To aid business operations, a great ERP (enterprise resource planning) and CRM (customer relationship management) tool could go a long way toward fixing many issues. 

What tool aids business operations? 

Primarily, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central could solve the issue of overlapping repetitive tasks alongside others. 

Aspects of business operations best handled by Business Central 

  • Manufacturing Management 

Manufacturing products have several layers of challenges, and even though these troubles are part of the project management segment, their uniqueness separates them from it. 

What is the best solution for managing the manufacturing unit? 

Business Central could streamline and increase your organization’s manufacturing efficiency. 

How would Business Central help with the process? 

Manufacturing Management

  • Warehouse Management 

Warehouses are where the business happens. Products exchange hands and warehouses several times before reaching their destination. If you are in search of a standard warehouse management tool, consider using Business Central. 

What way can you manage your warehouse exchange better? 

By using a proper warehouse management tool like ERP/CRM software available with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Automated Data Capture System (ADCS) and Warehouse Management help maintain warehouses better. 

What aspects of warehouse management does Business Central help you with? 

Business Central warehouse management with D365 BC - Vastasys

  • Workflow Management 

Managing the workflow can mean a lot of different challenges for different people. Manual work is out of the question given the size of the organizational needs. Even SMBs have their own needs, and no matter how small they might seem to someone, it is not that way for SMBs. Managing workflow flawlessly could ensure getting the best productivity and quality goals from the employees. Setting up appropriate approval loops is one of the most essential steps in workflow management.   

What can benefit you the most? 

A suitable ERP solution is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

What can Business Central help you with? 

Workflow management with Business Central. Security and Compliance Management - Vastasys

  • Security and Compliance Management 

In today’s world, people ask before opening businesses how secure their businesses are. An honest opinion would point to the fact that no one and nothing is safe or sane today. Hacking and hackers have taken over the world at quite an alarming rate so far. 

What would you do to save your data and organization? 

Use an ERP/CRM tool with extended protection and security facilities, just like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

How does it keep you secure? 

Security and Compliance Management. 10 things you can with Dynamics 365 Business Central - Vastasys

  • Human Resource Management 

HR responsibility requires more human resource experts to manage the workload. With appropriate ERP and CFM tools, managing HR roles and responsibilities can get a huge boost. 

What are the tools that can help manage the human resources department? 

HR management is best managed with the help of MS Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Human resource management. 10 things you can with Dynamics 365 Business Central - Vastasys

  • Customer Metric Management 

What customers want from sellers is a good quality product and a standard, transparent delivery procedure. Those who wish to understand better about their products and wish to explore customer relationships in the best possible ways can use some standard available tools to do so. 

What is the best tool for meeting customer demands? 

Usually, most people choose to utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Software to decipher more about a satisfying customer experience. 

What can a Business Central tool achieve? 

Customer Metric Management. 10 things you can with Dynamics 365 Business Central - Vastasys

Business Central helps you achieve all that you need to accomplish to manage a successful business. 


Business Central is getting better each day. 

Wave 1 releases in 2024 for Dynamics 365 Business Central include: 

  • Better and faster adaptation with the Microsoft Power Platform,  
  • Advanced project and service management capabilities with better financial consolidation facilities.  
  • Business Central will now be available in 155 countries and regions.  
  • Enhanced production with GitHub, Visual Studio Create, and the AppSource marketplace will be facilitated.  
  • Microsoft 365 Audit Log will provide audit-critical admin approvals.  
  • Data privacy will be managed with customer-managed encryption keys and an Azure Lockbox.  
  • Analysis mode will have enhanced capabilities with Power BI and Excel layouts.  
  • Service fundamentals will be strengthened further with a special focus on high availability, performance, stability, resource governance, compliance, and security. 

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